Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the name of the Timba, the Rumba, and the Changui

I don't know what's wrong (or right) with me for having this 'transition' in taste of music. No!.. don't get me wrong, I'm a Timbero first and foremost dot dot dot, BUT! for a bunch of weeks now, I've been listening to so much Elito Reve y su Charangon as well as music from another amazing band Dan Den (Viejo Lazaro ring any bells?).

It started with me looking for live bootlegged music of Michel Maza (I have my sources)... and found one that is now my favorite live songs: "El Zorreo", this song was full of Timba through Michel Maza's Timbero voice and the band of Elito Reve, but it had something else, it had an incredible amount of essence (sabor!) that is usually peppered in small amounts through most Timba songs I've heard so far - I almost want to call it "the other side of Timba", because it is more traditional than what I'm used to, which before I would have said: "Give me more funk", now I say: "Make it more traditional", but keep that Timba feeling in it. I wouldn't have thought it was possible until I heard Elito Reve y su Charangon, I CANNOT stop listening to it... it calls me: "A mi lo mismo me da, chicha que limona'!" when I'm in the middle of a meeting at work, or while talking to clients on the phone... sometimes I'm busy doing some work and all of the sudden I hear in my head: "Consumela!... lo que te den, COJELO!.... Cojelo que se te va!.... Aguanile Mai-Mai". It is driving me completely mad, which could be good since "In a mad world, only the mad are sane" ;)

I promised a bunch of people I would share some of my music so you can sample it and buy the CDs, of course you can't buy the live bootlegs, so those are just icing on the cake. Enjoy Elito Reve y su charangon: *My favorite songs of him (with Michel Maza's live performance included)

Listen to my favorite Elito Reve y su Charangon Songs Let me know what you think!

FYI: For some of you who do not know who Michel Maza is, he is "El Menor de la Salsa", "El Charanguero Mayor", the true voice of the old Charanga Habanera (ex-Vocalist) who recorded "Lola, Lola". Truly, one of my inspirations and one of the greatest Timberos out there.

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