Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grupo Ashe - Pa'que se entere Seattle!

So far we've performed in 5 concerts (...with Grupo Ashe) and it's been great receiving such great welcome for cuban music in Seattle. I still get the "yeah, I like Timba...but" comments, but most of the time it's cool and friendly, pretty much the people I've talked to understand that Timba is here to stay. Also, it's been great sharing the stage with such great musicians, all of them Timba music fans.

I need to get new music, but haven't had time to research... maybe I should ask my DJ buddies... or maybe I should talk them into making blog post of new music they get (can I HINT! more than that?)... and yeah, unfortunately we HAVE TO research to find Timba still... but like tells me, there might be a shift in culture when it comes to the white house decisions and Cuba. Hopefully something good will come with the new government, but enough about politics (I don't want to go there)... one last thing, somebody should drive to the outside of the white house, take a boombox and lift it just like John Cusack on the Movie "Say Anything" (click link to know what I'm talking about)... with some Loud Timba music, I suggest some Van Van or Charanga Habanera song to rattle their cages, literally.

I have a few videos I've uploaded to youtube, didn't have enough time so didn't do anything fancy on them... I don't even know why I should. The first one is sang by Miguelito Baez, an amazing singer from Puerto Rico... Miguel is one of those singers that don't even have to try to sound good. If Miguel is reading this, Miguel just send me the check $ later. Enjoy the videos from Grupo Ashe, the Northwest first Timba band. I suggest you click on the "High Quality" link in the video to get a more decent video (makes sense, doesn't it?)

Grupo Ashe - "Marcando La Distancia"

Grupo Ashe - "Llego la Musica Cubana"

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