Monday, May 5, 2008

Timba Training Resourses

I spent some time gathering as much training material and resources I could find in my computer. Feel free to let me know of other sites or more material to post, I'm mostly interested in the expansion of Timba Music and it's understanding around the world.

Timba training materials HOT
Timba Instrument Samples - Piano, Bass, Percussion
Timba - Understanding Cuban Rhythms
(From - Excellent contribution to the Timba World by Kevin Moore)
Transcultural Music Magazine with topic: "Cuban Timba"
Very good read about Timba and Cuban Music overall.
Study of clave
Conversations in Timba
The Bass Style of Pedro Pablo Gutierrez
(Ex-Charanga Habanera original bassist)
Clave Analysis
(Charanga Habenera)
The Piano Style of Tirso Duarte
(Ex-Charanga Habenera Pianist)

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