Monday, April 14, 2008

"La Llave" de Seattle

I had to share this song recorded by Seattle's own Julio "Chicho" Jauregui about 7 years ago (Yes, in his home studio - He wrote it, arranged it, and performed: Piano, Bass, Horn Synths, percussion, Coros and even the pregoneos - If this is not talent, then I don't know what is!). It had been a while since the last time I heard it, and it just brought back memories of the years when an elite group of latin musicians had the privilege of spending time in his "House of Music". This was totally a musician's lair, there was a Grand Piano in the corner, Percussion instruments, Mics everywhere, instruments that we brought with us and the always faitful "Habana Club", Peruvian "Pisco", and/or "Captain Morgan". Rehearsals officially lasted about 3 hours, and the other 4 hours were spent.. uhmm.. can't remember.. jk, it was mostly listening to music, jamming, and brainstorming music ideas for upcoming concerts. Friendship, I think, was key to our chemistry on stage, and it would have been very difficult to achieve that without spending time in that little north-Seattle basement. That experience had a great impact in our musical and personal lives, that's for sure.

Enjoy "La Llave" by Julio "Chicho" Jauregui.

Youtube videos of Julio:

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